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On 16 October the ecu chemical industry and trade unions agreed that EU personnel must be greater shielded from the threats related to publicity to reprotoxic substances.

Eksallou i parousia tou anarxikou xorou itan entoni kai emprakti se diadilwseis kata twn imperialistwn.

ή θα μιλάς καθαρά και ξάστερα για αυτό που είσαι εναντίον ή όχι

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Disgusted through the actions of a few of the authoritarian anarchists of the time I ended taking part in their steps. But I under no circumstances stopped subsequent and supporting the operate on the folks of Cyprus Indymedia.

με αυτή την λογική καυστηρίαζα και την στάση των τουρκοκυπρίων με άλλο πρίσμα

Ofertar agora Rock band logo & monogram Encerrado still left We've been a music band from Greece. The title is Kartel (Καρτελ in greek) new music conspiracy. We use Kartel as the main title and music conspiracy for a subtitle but it surely's less than conversation if we are going to utilize it or not.

χαίρομαι που βλέπω την πρώτη σου τοποθέτηση πάνω στο ζήτημα μετά από τόσα χρόνια στην Κύπρο που παρότι σωστή στην επισήμανση, είναι θεωρώ προβληματική εως αφελής στο συμπέρασμα

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β. Οι βρισιές να απομακρύνονται από την εκάστοτε σελίδα.

Next is a summary of many of our things to do from the last few many years. We believe that steps talk more real truth than text, and our actions undoubtedly are a testomony to our social-political values.

Falsifying the translations of our articles or blog posts is undoubtedly an insult on the accusers individual intelligence, also to anyone who may possibly believe them.

The doc indicates the Fee make a distinction Down the road in between carcinogens or reprotoxicants for which it is achievable to outline an publicity threshold under which no adverse effect on wellness is predicted and people read more for which it is difficult to established a safe stage.

The newest and many fast Hazard that Cyprus faces now would be that the world Imperialist powers, together with the invading electric power (Turkey) and with the blessings in the pretend "left" ruling class of Cyprus, have decided to declare the profession and ethnic cleansing as "legal", and create a "ultimate Option" for the Cyprus conflict in the form of the Apartheid Condition.

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